ver five thousand years ago, even during Stone Age, women began to wear eyeliner. Stylish women made their marks with kohl, a lead-based substance. In the short term, the poisonous metal might have prevented infections and killed microorganisms. However, if the ancient people had lived longer, the lead-based lining would have probably caused cataracts in their eyes.

Which eyeliner works best:

Despite what many individuals think, liquid liners can sometimes be the most manageable so, always buy a liquid eyeliner for a clear and sharp line. The fact that creams and gels may be smeared for a smokey effect or blended in a thick, dramatic line makes them brush-required and also somewhat fool-proof. Compared to other liners, pencils are frequently waxier and more susceptible to smudge. But for a more natural impression, they might also be simpler to blend into the lash line. You can buy eyeliner from the best brand on our site.

How to apply eyeliner:

Putting a layer of foundation and a vibrant color shade before drawing the eyeliner to avoid unintended smudging. Wait around 40 seconds while lining your eyelids before opening them to prevent pigment from transferring into them. After that, lightly cover the line with a layer of translucent powder. Apply mascara first, then eyeliner, then eye shadow. And dot it on in tiny dashes as closely towards the eyelashes as you can. You don’t have to draw a lengthy line in its entirety at once.

Eyeliner brush:

The Flat Tip Brush has a tightly packed tip, which makes it very simple to draw a precise, fine line. To achieve a delicate, natural look on the eyes and a flawless eyeshadow mix, use a flat-tip brush.


To get flawless winged or smoky eyes, use and buy an eyeliner brush. These have sharp points or narrow angles, which aid in drawing the lines precisely. However, the best eyeliner brush is necessary for exact application. The ideal brush makes it easier to outline your gorgeous eyeshadow with sharp lines. They also contribute to the improvement of your eyes. Only when you have a high-quality eyeliner brush can you draw fine lines without them looking crooked or unstable.

Best buy eyeliner brush:

Sigma Beauty is just a favorite among makeup artists and is regarded as being of the highest caliber, lasting, and effective. Therefore, if you use the Sigma E11 Eyeliner Brush, you can be confident that you’ll perfectly apply this narrow line over your eyelid. The delicate treatment of your skin is ensured while small tapered tips make the linework accurate and even. It is constructed entirely of synthetic, antibacterial fibers that are designed to retain fluids, oils, and powdered securely while blending quickly. This liner brush handle is constructed of wood that was harvested sustainably and has eight paint coats and priming, making it easy to grasp and scratch-resistant. The greatest liner tool for designers who do want their line to flourish in all forms and directions is Sigma E11 Eyeliner Brush. The best eyeliner brush is this one. Therefore, buy this from our website.

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